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Functional analysis

System requirements analysis makes sure a solution gets built or selected and implemented that actually meets the business requirements. In the past few years, I've gained experience in system requirement analysis by participating in various implementation and optimization projects for both custom developed applications as well as packages in which my main focus was to analyse, describe and design ICT solutions on a functional level by providing UML deliverables such as use cases, logical data models, state diagrams, integration & service specifications, ... Next to that, functional analysis also covers topics such as optimizing the user experience, determining non-functional requirements, security, training and support to end users, ...

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Business process management

During various projects within a production environment, my focus was on getting a better grip on business processes by identifying the different flows in and the interaction between departments. By modelling a process, it becomes more transparent as there is a clear overview of stakeholders, how input is converted into output, which systems are used, ... This means bottlenecks can be eliminated and the company can focus the efforts on added value for the customer and reduce waste. Therefore, business process management is closely linked to quality management as both aim to achieve operational excellence and to reduce risks. One of the key aspects in past process optimization projects was to set up performance indicators as these provide vital information to monitor the various processes and help in making decisions backed up by facts.

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Quality improvement

One of the areas I've been active in is the area of quality improvement. This included setting up a quality management system and introducing methodologies such as PDCA to pursue continuous improvement within the organisation to better serve the - both internal and external - customer. This meant for example analysing ishikawa diagrams to determine which parameters might influence the outcome of a process, setting up critical control points, determining corrective and preventive actions, evaluating the quality managing system through first party and third party audits, ... to make sure the right product is delivered at the right time which meets the agreed quality levels. As there is a strong link between process management and quality improvement, very often root cause analysis of a product failure and determining a corrective or preventive action led to a process change to increase the effectiveness of activities, to avoid risks or to reduce rework.

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Web solutions

We provide custom built responsive web solutions powered by an award winning content management system which enables you to manage all content in an easy and intuitive manner. This includes functionalities such as blogs, video, contact forms, online catalogues & product configurators, ... to support your marketing campaigns. During such projects, we aim to achieve the best possible user experience and offer an early proof of concept through prototypes. All our websites are tested thoroughly on all major browsers and devices. After the website has been put online, we provide training and aftercare. Are you ready for your story in a digital world?

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